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Repair & Maintenance

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Kitchen :
Removing the entire kitchen platform and Redoing the same with telephonic black granite fixing Still sink etc. complete.

Kitchen Platform :
Removing the existing old kitchen platform carefully Avoding the breakage, breaking and opening the existing Stone, granite and stacking properly. Opening out the Tiles and finishing the existing surface by one coat of Plastering (Approximate Area 80.00 Sqft. for flooring and 300. 00 Sqft. for walls)

As per the requirement fixing granite platform 2 to 2.5 ft. Width and 15 to 18 ft. in length, if required using the old Existing granite or using the new granite, fixing the Required partition, providing required molding and Finishing the same with the polishing , material includes Telephonic black granite, including all material sand, cement etc. Complete.

Fixng the tiles for the required wall, fixing the tiles with All material with line and level finishing the joints with Required color pegment rate incluedes required tiles, sand
Cement, labour etc. complete. Fixng area, including flooring and wall.
Note: Cost of the tiles is calculated @ 35.00 Rs. Per Sqft. If there is any cost verification of tiles, that will be borne by client.

Furniture :
Usign the old panels inside the drawers and preparing Drawer cabinet for kitchen platform for the required depth Of 2 and 2.5 ft. in depth for the requried kitchen platform
Using marine plywood and both the sides in the 1st quality Sunmica in the required color combination, including all Materila, ball bearing for drawer, marine ply, polishing
Etc. complete.


Polishing door panels and borders etc.

  • Scrapping the entire door panels and borders.
  • Coating one coat of primer.
  • Scratching entire door panels and borders etc. with polishing putty.
  • Finishing the polishing by hand.

Finishing the entire door panels and borders with malymate. Polishing by spray machine.

Renovation Of Bathroom :
Breaking the old existing toilet cloning as well as wall area, fixing the tiles on cloning and wall, fixing Indian or western W.C. fixing the doors frames etc., internally with Tiling fitting all fitting including wash basin with material labour etc., complete.

Steel :
Carting for steel cutting bending tying the Reinforcement to existing old reinforcement with the proper size and required gauge. Tying the reinforcement with wire and welding the same Steel with existing old reinforcement in a proper place cleaning the bar with rest-cleaner and keep opening for 24 hours for inspection.

Bathroom :
Breaking the entire bathroom taking out the plaster etc. Complete, coating one coat of plaster for wall area and Finishing and curing the same.

Cudappa :
Fixing of cudappa on top of parapet wall. Removing the top plaster using cement mortar
for fixing cudappa filling the joints with polymer grout curing etc. complete. Providing and fixing polish cuddapa on the top of parapet wall

Providing and fixing 20mm thick polish cuddapa stone 300 mm wide on the top parapet in terrace, bedding of C.M. (1: 4) 25mm thick slightly sloping inside the building. Joint of cuddapa sealing by leak proof sealent

Pathways :
This is shown in site plan of the society. This consists of excavating to particular level, ramming, the base hand packing with minimum 9” Rubble to be kept vertical in trenches. All interstices shall be placed with small kapchis. All this shall be watered, rammed thoroughly, cement concrete of (1: 2: 4) proportion shall be laid on this of 4” to 6” depth, properly rammed. Regular side frames shall be erected to keep the concrete in position. After watering and curing the framework shall be taken out and spaces filled with murum and rammed again to society’s satisfaction. The level and proper slope shall be given as per society’s direction.

P.O.P. :
Providing and applying Plaster of Paris coating for the entire wall including leveling required groove. Finishing entire wall with the line and level including all material etc., complete.

False Sealing :
Fixing Aluminium brackets for the required area and fixing P.O.P. sheets leveling etc., complete. Coating the coat of Plaster of Paris on the top of the sheets. Preparing the false sealing with neat and clean.

Acrylic false sealing for W.C. :
Fixing aluminium brackets for false sealing of W.C. Fixing the aluminium brackets with required squares. Placing decorative fiber sheet. Placing and fixing etc., complete.

Plastering :
Breaking old cracked plaster upto brick or block work, cleaning the surface, treating the edges with one coat polymer + cement. Providing and applying sand faced plaster using approved screened sand (1:3) mixed with approved water-proofing compound @ 1 Kg. Per bag of cement. First scratch coat 14 mm thick followed by 6mm thick finish coat applied after curing scratch coat for 24 hours.


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Repair & Maintenance
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